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Anonymous said: describe everyone in your class

okay this is Emily describing everyone, so Emily wont be on here. I’ll do the people on the blog then the people we’ve mentioned. Don’t want to violate any one’s privacy. Oh And I’ll do Andrea too because 9th period never forget

Bethany: likes musicals. is loud. kinda short. boisterous.

Taylor: blonde. likes puns. likes musicals and the same kind of music as me. Probably one of the most adorable people I’ve ever met because she is very innocent.

Wrinkle: Is wrinkly.

Anastasia: We call her Ana. Is afraid of fruit. Watches movies. we’re married. Has dyed hair.

Andrea: Very intellectual. Likes Salsa, Brego, and the floor of her room

Liz: Likes to be mean to her cat. her dog likes lemons. she is concussed

Kait: Is actually pretty smart. Bethany and I are jokingly mean to her. She lied to someone about how I sprained my foot.

Kathryn: Is in one of the snapchats and looks like a hunchback in it. Did well in latin. 

Addy: Gave up with putting up with our shit and was suddenly sassy as hell the last 4 months of school

Oh yeah Taylor deleted her blog

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