A Safe Haven for Davus and Geta's Hot Manlove

Davus and Geta hot ass Latin manlove. There are some memories from Latin class in here as well, but mostly Davus and Geta's love.


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Ask if you must. BUT SAY IT IN LATIN. Or not, because who knows Latin?

Submit sounds so bland how about you show us the secrets of ancient Rome so we can steal the Declaration of Independence

Retelling of myths by Bethany’s notes:


  • two gods getting married
  • goddess of discord not invited
  • golden apple “to the fairest”
  • asked Zeus-didn’t want none of that
  • now Paris has to
  • Athena-riches
  • Hera-power
  • Aphrodite-hot babe
  • goes with Aphrodite
  • Helen-hottest babe-married
  • now Paris goes and stays with
  • Menelaus gone-time to nab Helen
  • M. uber mad when back
  • Helen+Paris=married
  • Trojan wars-7 years
  • Trojan horse
  • kill Paris
  • take Helen back to kill
  • doesn’t though
  • Helen is back with M.

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