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Crazy Ass Latin Class Jeopardy!!!

  • Bethany: *screams bing! bing! bing! emphatically*
  • ...
  • Bethany: Well, it's not that one.*points to "B"*
  • Other Team: Is it "B"?
  • Teacher: That is correct.
  • ...
  • Bethany: They only had a hundred points, I remember!
  • Emily: More like we had a hundred more points than your team!
  • ...
  • Susan: I'll take "Demons." for 200.
  • ...
  • Wrinkle: No one likes "Voibs".
  • Bethany: I like "Voibs".
  • Emily: You would like "Voibs".
  • ...
  • Wrinkle: You guys need to not look at each other.
  • ...
  • Teacher: Sometimes I feel like teaching you guys is like herding cats.
  • ...
  • Emily: When in doubt, choose the "D".
  • ...
  • Bethany: We'd like to change our team name to "Team Chicken Nuggets is Like My Family"
  • ...
  • Emily: Just saying' we got all the "Demons."
  • Bethany: That's because you have Satan on your team.
  • ...
  • Katherine: I say we all just become Satanists and drop out of school.
  • ...
  • Taylor: I've realised that my porpoise in life is to make all of the animal puns.
  • Katherine: No.
  • Taylor: I will get jalapeno business!
  • Bethany: That's not an animal.
  • Emily: Taylor has a pet jalapeno pepper!
  • ...
  • Taylor: We'll do "Relatives" for 100.
  • Emily: You can't do that, it's incest!
  • ...
  • Anastasia: *ridiculous laughing through teeth*
  • ...
  • Taylor: *gives answers to other teams three times*
  • ...
  • Taylor: *seriously* Bethany! Bethany!
  • Bethany: Yeah?
  • Taylor: *leans in closely* Toucan play at that game.
  • ...
  • Wrinkle: You call that the Batman theme song?
  • Bethany: You call yourself the Batman theme song?
  • ...
  • Anastasia: *tries to look at Team Chicken Nuggets is Like My Family's answers*
  • ...
  • Teacher: *pronounces "yellow" "yolo"
  • Katherine: Yolo?
  • Bethany: You only Latin once.
  • ...
  • Anastasia: *creepily rolls up the aisles*

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