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Davus and Geta hot ass Latin manlove. There are some memories from Latin class in here as well, but mostly Davus and Geta's love.


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Ask if you must. BUT SAY IT IN LATIN. Or not, because who knows Latin?

Submit sounds so bland how about you show us the secrets of ancient Rome so we can steal the Declaration of Independence

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when ur next to someone u like but can’t think of anything to say

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"which ad experience do you prefer?"


i prefer the ad Romam experience myself


the ecce romani fandom just hijacked my post

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Crazy Ass Latin Class Jeopardy

  • Team Names: Demon Peeps of the Ottoman Empire, Liz's Janky Teeth, The Carter Baizans
  • ...
  • Wrinkle: I say when it gets down to Final Jeopardy, we bet Emily's soul.
  • Emily: Excuse me?
  • Bethany: Emily has no soul.
  • ...
  • Bethany: Wrinkle, stop picking your fucking fingernails.
  • ...
  • Emily: This is the stinkiest marker alive!!
  • Teacher: The marker's alive?
  • ...
  • Bethany: I think the person with the quotes should be in charge.
  • ...
  • Ana: *to Teacher* Let's do 'Expressions' for 500.
  • Emily: NO!! Ana did not consult with anyone about this!!!
  • ...
  • Bethany: Look at that middle-part douchebag.
  • Emily: Looks like Wrinkle.
  • ...
  • Wrinkle: *looking at Bethany's signature* Your signature is so pretty. Goddammit.
  • ...
  • Bethany: Shrek is love, Shrek is life.
  • Wrinkle: *mimes slitting own throat*
  • ...
  • Wrinkle: What are you trying to do, punk?
  • Bethany: Kill you.
  • ...
  • Wrinkle: We're gonna lose.
  • Bethany: If you came on to this team expecting to win, I don't even know what to do with you.
  • ...
  • Bethany: I can't even imagine what a pussy you'd be in juvie.
  • Wrinkle: I'd get kicked around like a baseball.

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that macbook thing was exciting for like two seconds and then we found out we didn’t get to keep them after senior year

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Principle Double Effect

  • Wrinkle: Good Intention: Killing Bethany. Bad Effect: Bethany's Dead.

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  • Peggy: Kait, you wanna fight me?
  • Kait: Yes, I do.

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  • Bethany: *doing a crossword* Feature of Pennsylvania?
  • Andrea K: Snow.

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That About Sums it Up

  • Wrinkle: Sometimes I hate this class and sometimes I love this class.

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  • Emily: *backhands a chair*

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  • Teacher: I actually get concerned for my life when you guys play Latinictionary.

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  • Wrinkle: *talking about a spinny chair* It's gonna spin and pick me up and carry me away.

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  • Amy: *steals Bethany's turn during Latinictionary*
  • Bethany: Dang it, Amy, it's my turn!!

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  • Erin: Romans are the strangest people ever.
  • Fran: Right after Bethany.

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  • Bethany: So, what you're saying is: I was right and you were just being pretentious.

Tagged: ThingsSaidInLatinClassno one ever trusts my answers but i'm sometimes right guys